I am very proud to present A is for Zebra, a real-life, honest-to-goodness Crap Hound-like alphabet book that I have designed with my very own, real-life hands.

Most of the book’s oversized pages feature a brightly colored letter surrounded by black-and-white images whose common names begin with that letter. This provides a wonderful test of the reader’s recognition and recall, as well as simply being a pleasure to look at.

Unlike cheaper, less reputable alphabet books, all of the nearly 27 letters in A is for Zebra are in their CORRECT order. What’s more, I have worked tirelessly to ensure there is only a single main letter per page, avoiding the countless haphazard letter combinations found in many novels and magazines. My promise to you: If you find even a single letter out of order, I will refund the FULL purchase price.

Later in the book, you will discover I have included a delightful bonus—a comprehensive guide to the previous letter’s images. This is an incredible help for slow-witted or younger readers.

One final note… while it’s true certain LiartownUSA posts have fudged the truth a bit, this is a genuine announcement about a real thing in the real world. Although I have tried to deceive you in the past, that was for your own good, because you were gullible. Think of this post as a trust exercise. Don’t be afraid to slump backwards into my strong, waiting arms. I love you so much right now.

This full-color, 11”x15”, 36-page book is now posted for pre-orders on Kickstarter, if you’d like to get a better look. There are more GIFs and a short, inspirational video that reiterates much of what I’ve said here, with additional explosions and dramatic music. 

(via roachpatrol)